Saturday, August 27, 2011

5 Years ago today

5 years ago today Caleb Xiaowu (Fu Xiao Wu) officially was our son. It is hard
to believe 5 years has come and gone. He has had quite a struggle from time to
time but yet is growing up to be quiet the young man! He left private school to
start public school this year as a first grader and had conquered a few fears
with out the help of mom and dad. He is loving his new school and teacher and
making lots of friends. He is now 7 years old as of August 11th.

He has lost 5 teeth and the 5th one is just starting to come in. He is very
thoughtful of others feelings and can be sensitive to everything around him. He
loves dogs and would like one of his own. He just might get that dream soon as
he is showing us how grown up he is and being very responsible. He LOVES to
cook and takes cooking classes. Which doesn't surprise us in the least because
he has always been a good eater and loved food from the moment we brought him
home. We were always asked how we got him to eat all the different kinds of
veggies and fruit. Our answer was we didn't do anything he just loves them and
has eaten them from day one. He has just started asking about his life in the
orphanage. We knew this day was coming and always told him about being adopted
so he has know this from day one. Not really looking forward to the day he
starts asking about his birth parents but know it is coming and we will be as
honest as we can with what we know. I have no idea what we will do today but
it will be something GREAT to celebrate the day God brought this active, fun
loving boy into our lives.

HAPPY FAMILY DAY to all of our friends this year!!!!!!

Caleb Xiaowu (7yrs)
Robert Earl (5yrs)
Sarah Elizabeth (3.5yrs)

Friday, August 19, 2011